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Python developer required for ERPNext customisation in purchase cycle and sales order

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Customization in ERPNext
We have only one item in our inventory and we will not have any more item in near future .

Make custom app Mentha and made these customisation as we have to maintain only this custom app(Not neccesery but good to have .)

In purchase order Make a custom field %quantity billed which work same as %billed presented in More information Section.%billed =Amount Order -Amount billed  
%quantity billed= Quantity order - Quantity billed

In Purchase order Make another Custom Field name = Order Type which is drop down having two vales 1. Phone vayda 2.Tel vayda default value is blank .for creating a Purchase order need to select one of the order.
If Order Type= Phone vayda then do nothing
If order type = Tel Vayda then hide the rate and amount field  but in the backend select the last purchase rate.

In purchase receipt check if purchase order have Order type = Tel vayda then again hide the rate and amount column.

In Purchase invoice check if purchase order have Order type = Tel vayda then blank the rate and amount column and force the user to put a new value.

In purchase order purchase receipt , purchase invoice and payment slip(in print formate only)  show there value of supplier
Phone vayda =(List of Purchase order to be received with date quantity rate and amount and total at the end).
Tel Vayda = List of Purchase order to be billed  with date and quantity only and total at the end).
Udhari = list of invoice to be paid and total at the end.

In Sales order make a validation => check if any sles delivery is yet to be invoiced. If yes the don't make sales order for respective party.