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Looking for someone competent in Python write Python content material
for my youtube channel.
You will only need to write the content in
Jupyter notebook (similar to an article)

Current topics for this request
are string formatting and datetime/time modules in Python.

The write
ups should be extensive covering most aspects of these two subjects:

String formatting should cover all types of string formatting .format,%
:.04, %d $S, f{} as well as other topics such as leaving space to the
left or right of string, and any topics which I may have missed.

Datetime should be extensive covering how to convert to and from
different formats, acessing day, year, month, time delta, different type
zones (pytz), acessing different dates, string formatting of datetimes,
and any important topics I may have missed.

Please don't not just copy
word for word someone's work and of their examples, and any work you use
as a reference should be listed.

You also agree to release rights of
this content to me forever,
so I will be the sole owner of the content
forever, and
I freely use and modify this content as I wish.

making sure I have the right to this content, so you will not distribute
to other people, or monetize off of it, as well as avoid future legal