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PWA Car renting application Arabic speaking optional - reply with a fixed price range

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a PWA app
like  application ,

First scenario,

The car Renter will come on to the app. They will choose a
car based on the preference of the model, brands, type, colors etc and will
book/rent a car. The cars will be listed by the car owner and they will have a
separate dashboard for that . While booking a car, the car renter will pay a
certain upfront to the car owner. Alongside, they will also pay a certain
amount for the insurance. Once the Journey is over and the car renter has
returned, the Insurance will go back to the car renter if there is no damage to
the car. The car owner, in that case, will pay a certain commission after he
receives the money . If there is a damage to the car, the insurance will go
towards the services.


for the second scenarios :

our platform will have a wallet system where the car renter will deposit the
insurance money and we will take our commission instantly and hold the
insurance . Once the car is back and there is no damage , the amount will go
back to the car renter from the wallet .


Syetem and Design ;





-- REGISTER & LOGIN with id & password (social
media/email log in)


-- DASHBOARD will have:


** Profile

** Notification

** List

** Financial History

** Review/rating

** Settings

** Log out


-- Post listing with:


** Name/title

** Images

** VIN

** Description

** Car details ( colors , model , make year )

** Pricing

** Address

** Basic info

** Availability


-- Posting can be FREE/PAID (payment gateway integration)

-- Can post FEATURED listing as well

-- Accept/decline renting request

-- Communicate with customers

-- Receive payments






-- REGISTER & LOGIN with id & password (social
media/email log in)


-- DASHBOARD will have:

** Profile

** Notification

** My booking (past/recent)

** Financial History

** Settings

** Log out


-- SEARCH listing with:


** Category

** Type

** Model

** Price range

** Location etc.


-- BROWSE the listing and can view the detailed page as

-- Check the AVAILABLE date & time (CALENDAR will be

-- Request for RENT

-- Get confirmation

-- CANCEL rent

-- Make payments (payment gateway integration)

-- Communicate with car owners


There will be a web based admin panel from where the entire
working of the application will be monitored and controlled.

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