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Push the node expressjs/serverless project on the server

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We have this website with the admin panel which has all the features working on the local environment however is not working on the AWS server. 

It is coming across errors like unable to add details etc. 

We need someone who is experienced with: 
- NodeJs
- ExpressJs
- Serverless 

to look into it and migrate it successfully to the server. 

NEW PROJECT once above is done. 
Once the current project is posted on the server we want to have the following developed/fixed too: 

- Basic Search is in place we need advance search where there will be an algo to decide which one should come on top based on ratings, reviews, content & how recently it was updated 
- Get Quote - Basic is done we will need an advance version to take the company relevance & send the leads to them within certain time intervals 
- Chat - Not working in real-time, Bug fixing (
- Post Requirement by Users: to be done from scratch 
- Dashboard for vendors - Partially done 
- Fastener Feeds - Vendors can upload their product images/catalogues etc for the other users to see; similar to social networking sites like insta and whatsapp status 

Please bid only if you have the relevant experience we don't want people who are not well-versed with these technologies. 

Preference to be given to FULL-TIME freelancers as we need to fix all of this quickly.