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Provide examples based on the article Longest common substrings with k mismatches,

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In practice, a prominent example is required for part one (up to Section 5): the longest common subsequence (maximum k-mismatches) between 2 sequences. Another example is required for the second part (after Section 5): longest subsequence to 1 only mismatch: suffixes of suffixes….I need a written report of 20 pages , for example : 10 pages for one example and 10 pages for another example. Diagram, graphic, schematics can be used in the written report. Link to article :    "Longest substrings with k mismatches", Authors: Tomas Flouri, Emanuele Giaquinta, Esko Ukkonen, Kassian Kobert . Deadline is end april 2019.
For the content : it's of rigorously applying the content of the article with respect for complexity defined in the article, respecting data structures (priority line, tree of suffixes…) by referring to sections (3, 4, 5…) of the article. It is also necessary to indicate the comments between lines for reader understanding. It is theoritical analysis, so then it is not required to code in a programming language.