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Propose solution for the automation of the verification process on the websites.

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Automate the process of
verifying a person on 12 websites, to verify that their judicial, criminal and
/ or financial status is not compromised.


Description of
General Verification Process on Websites


The Verification process on Websites has the mission of knowing the judicial status, criminal and financial of one or more people who create a new account.
A search is done manually in 12 main sites that contain the necessary information they are:
1.    Interpol
2.    Colombia National Police
3.    Attorney General's Office
4.    Comptroller General of the Republic
5.    United States Treasury
6.    AL QAEDA
7.    ONU
8.    DEA
9.    FBI
10. International Development  Bank
11. The World Bank
12. Bank of England
Individual: person to verify.
Verifier: person who performs the verification of the individual. It is responsible for entering the necessary data on each website, perform the search and document the result.
Site: website consulted by the verifier from which the individual's information is extracted.
Activity Flow
1.    Enter the site: the verifier enters each of the sites to consult.
2.    Enter the data: the verifier enters the individual's data required by the site. For example: names and surnames or identification number.
3.    Perform Search: the search is performed and, once the site shows the result, a screenshot is taken and analyzed. Depending on it, one of the following states is established:
GOOD: If the person is not reported.
BAD: If the person is reported.
4.    Generate Final Report: the verifier prepares a pdf report that must contain:
- Date of preparation
- Names and surnames
- ID Type
- Identification number
- General status of the individual: if all sites have GOOD status, then the general status will be GOOD. If not it will be BAD.
- Each of the screenshots taken from each site with their respective status.
General aspects of the search that should be known:
 The minimum data required of the individual are: names, surnames, type of identification and identification number. The type of identification will be “citizenship card” by default.
 Functional Business Requirements
1.    The verifier may enter new individuals to verify simultaneously, that is, without the need to wait until the previously entered verifications have been completed.
2.    The verifier may check the status of the verifications in real time; in such a way that it allows to know if the verification has begun, is in process or has been completed. Verification will be considered completed only when it is 100% complete.
3.    Once the verification is completed, the verifier may consult the complete status of the verification. This status must include: the individual status of each of the sites, the general status and a download link for the final report.
4.    If after processing, the verification is not completed, the final report must be prepared with all the information and screenshots available.
5.    The verifier may consult the complete status of any verification carried out, even if it is old.
API functional requirements:
 1.   In case a site is not available, it must be recorded in the general report. The general report must be completed when the site becomes available again, updating only the missing screenshot. 
2.    The system must be able to run on several servers simultaneously, so that it can be scalable in number of simultaneous checks.
3.    The API must perform all pertinent validations to ensure proper operation of the system. Especially the validations corresponding to the type of document that is handled.
 Nonfunctional Requirements
 1.    WS S3 must be used for the storage of general reports and for any other type of storage required.
 2.    As a database, MongoDB version 4 or higher should be used.