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Programming series video #3 Queue system

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I am creating a programing tutorial series and will need help with multiple videos.
I will create separate proposals for each video as each requires separate amount of slides and time.

This video has three parts (easier for shooting, so total (27-28 mins)
I will pay $7 for this video (name queue) ,  I will need you to create a couple of power-point  slides (simple text only slides)

for simple animations such as code highlighting, sliding animation as
well as removal of long silent periods, mistakes made when speaking. The
mistakes should be obvious as I will be repeating the same phrase if I
wasn't satisfied with the quality.

I would like focus on the sound quality and can take suggestions as to how to make the video better, as I am not
an editor. No need for intro or background music.

If I haven't worked with you before, please do this sample test to ensure that you will be able to do the editing.
You only have to edit a couple of mins of this sample test.
Use animations, good sound quality in this sample test to showcase your understanding of the material and editing skills.

Here is the sample test:

(This link is NOT the real work and just a test)