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Professional non-fiction eBook writer / writers wanted for ghostwriting $100USD per 10K words

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We're looking to grow our team with experienced and professional non-fiction writers who have excellent research skills and ideally experience in our primary theme/topic: mental health and psychology (happiness, anxiety, loneliness, sleep…).

However if you are a great writer with specialist interests in other areas please let us know as potentially we can work with other non-fiction subjects and themes :)

Our mission is to create the highest quality eBooks that solve reader problems. Each ebook will range from 15,000-50,000 words and must be edited to a high standard before delivery.

Our budget is approximately $10 USD per 1,000 words ($150-500 per book) — we do not believe in explicit word counts; you will be given a range and have ownership to decide if your topic needs more or less words :)


You must;

  • Be a native or bi-lingual English speaker.
  • Have experience in planning, researching, structuring and writing engaging ebooks in the 15-50K word range, edited to a high standard.
  • Be reliable and deliver within the agreed timeframes.
  • Take pride in producing the highest quality, plagiarism-free work with great, accurate information that flows and ultimately solves the reader ‘problem’  (ie the reason the person purchased that book title).
  • Be confident that your work is high enough quality to sit amongst ‘best seller’ content and be read by native English speakers.
We are ideally seeking long-term relationships with writers who can produce 10-20k words per week.

Please note that this role is for ghostwriting - ownership of all rights will pass to me, the purchaser. You will not own the rights to the books and you will not be allowed to share them or take credit for them.

How to apply:
  • Provide details of your experience and why this role appeals to you.
  • Send 2 samples of your writing, 500-1,000 words (for shortlisting purposes, we need something short).
  • Include examples of any ebooks you have written that you are allowed to share.
  • Confirm you have fully read this job description and understand that this is for ghostwriting.
I will create a shortlist from applicants based on the above information and then we can discuss moving forward. I will only reply to high quality applicants who demonstrate they have fully read this job description and provided samples.

Thank you for your interest in this role :)