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Product Sourcing for Soft Goods Prototype and Manufacturers

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Here is the work I would like to do for me. Ther are three tasks I would like completed.

Task #1
I would like information (below) regarding the following three product categories:
1) Travel neck pillows
2) Sleeping bag liners
3) Ultra light weight (summer style) sleeping bags priced under $100 USD

For these three product categories, I would like a list of the following:

1) The 10 most common types of fabrics used in each product. E.g. may be something like polyester, silk, nylon, etc.
a. If for some reason you can't find 10, it should be at LEAST 5 different types
2) The 10 most common types of inside materials used. E.g. may be something like memory foam, down fill, etc.
a. If for some reason you can't find 10, it should be at LEAST 5 different types
3) For the 60 materials, please provide a product example (a neck pillow, sleeping bag liner, or sleeping bag) that uses that fabric/internal material. The same example product may be used more than once if the example uses multiple of the fabrics/materials listed. I'm just looking for some anecdotal information here.
4) Also, please provide a URL to the product details page for the example product (it should be the URL of the actual product details, likely will also be the same page where the product has a "buy" button)

Task #2
1) List 5 companies that offer "soft goods prototyping" services and speak fluent English.
2) For those 5 companies, please provide some level of pricing details or a quote on soft good prototyping services.
a. Note: This will likely require you to contact the company via email or phone to ask about pricing. If you send an email, please cc me in the email when you first make the inquiry. I am interested in prototyping a travel sized neck pillow that unfolds into a sleeping bag liner.

Task #3
What are the top 5 countries that have the most contract manufacturers for mass production of soft goods?
• I mean the actual manufacturer, not the brand name. For example, almost all of Nike's products are manufactured in China or Vietnam. As an example of what I'm looking for, here are 5 sporting goods manufacturers in China:
a. Dongguan Chang Sheng Gloves Apparel, Ltd. Dongguan City, Chuang Ye Industrial Zone
b. Everyblooming Manufactory Enterprises LTD (Gazelle), Dongguan City, 5/F Block C
c. Futurux Global Group Ningbo No. 158, Binhai 3 Road, Hangzhou Bay New Zone
d. Giant (China) Co., Ltd. Kunshan No. 1 Shufan Road
e. High Rock Recreational Products Co. Ltd Tianjin No. 11 Yijing Road, Dongli Economic Development Area

• Please provide snapshots of key facts regarding these manufacturers, what they do, where they are etc. and the URL where the snapshot was taken from so I can follow up and read the same material.
• Please list the top 20 manufacturers you can find in those 5 countries.
• Note: If most manufacturers of soft goods reside in less than 5 countries, that's fine.