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Product Research / Market Analyzer / Trend Researcher for E-Commerce in USA

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For our new project we need urgently someone who can look for new trends or especially product trends online. You are responsible for the direction of our company. Your job is to look for new trends on platforms we are giving to you and you have to give us in weekly meetings your analysis of the market. So we need some products where you think they have some potential for selling and furthermore some shops (if they already exist), who already sell this product. An exact plan on what you should do and what information we need (and you have to look for) would be provided by us in these weekly sessions. We will show you how to find the really interesting information for us. This job is perfect for someone who already uses social media every day and wants to earn money by using social media (but seriously). 
Your area of responsibilities are: 

  • Researching and analyzing new product-trends (Are they profitable? Are they easy to produce? Are they customizable?) 
  • Presenting these ideas to us in weekly meetings with your evaluation
  • You are a important interface between our company and social media

Here are some requirements you have to come up with: 
  • You must be between 16 and 22 
  • You should be creative and are able to evaluate new trends whether they have potential or not. You should know what our target group between 16 and 24 really likes and what they want.  
  • You should be able to communicate with us in a Skype (or Facetime) Meeting with good English or German skills 
  • You already use Social Media in your daily life (min. 2 hours a day - If less that's no problem) 
  • E-Commerce is not completely unknown for you 
  • You are working pretty focused on your own and are really goal-oriented.  

These points would be helpful for you: 
  • You have some experience with E-Commerce
  • You know some tools to analyze for example Facebook-Ads 
  • You are able to communicate with us in English (good skills) 
  • You are living in the United States of America 

For us it is really important that you have fun with our job. So we want to pay you a performance-related wage. Please let us know how much time do you think you need per week to present us some good results and how much you would like for your job. 
If our project sounds interesting for you, we would be really happy to hear from you.