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Process decomposition,ER model,Crudmatrix,context diagram,E P C form to show the process

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  1. Process
    decomposition for the entire system.

  2. E-R
    model for the entire system (with normalized table structures). 

  3. Process
    to entity matrices for the entire system 

  4. Context

  5. Procedure
    for booking a rental in EPC form

EAGLEONE is an aircraft charter company that supplies
on-demand charter flight services using it’s fleet of small aircraft in the US
from its airport base in Chicago. It has rapidly expanded in the last 10 years;
however, it maintains all its data in manual registers.  In recent times, it has been cited many times
by FAA for failure to provide various mandatory reports for each Aircraft and
Pilot, and a recent audit found many failures in paying airport landing and
parking charges to several airports.

Customers charter the aircraft for their requirements.  Each rental transaction booking may involve at
least one return trip consisting of two trip segments (out-bound and in-bound),
or multiple segments.  The total charge
for a rental is determined based on many factors: model type, actual miles
flown, actual flight time in air, total time booked, and overnight and weekend
charge when applicable. Data about these factors should be recorded in the
system to facilitate billing.
While booking/scheduling a charter trip the sales agent would
need to look up aircraft (model) and pilot availability based on current
bookings and check the credit position of the customer.  At the end of the trip the credit approved
customers are billed and payment is settled by check. For others, payment is
processed through credit cards that are preauthorized at the time of reservation.
Usually, the charters are made to regular customers. New customers need special
handling and credit approval.

The system should also generate monthly statement and payment
check for each airport based on it’s per landing and hourly parking charges. For
home base at Chicago no parking charges apply, but landing charges do apply.
Assume there are no take off charges and that parking and landing charges vary
by the airport.

Upon the
time of booking estimated cost is given and at return of an aircraft to
the base airport at Chicago, bill is finalized and customer is charged/billed.

reports to FAA include flying hours for each pilot by model and for each
aircraft. and any reportable
repair and scheduled servicing events for each aircraft.

The company also keeps
track of all its pilots (beside normal employee data it should also include total
flying hours, Pilot license No, and date of expiry). Assume that pilots can fly
all the three models owned by the firm.

Besides the above requirements, separately provide your suggestions
for the following issues. They need not be incorporated in the

How to bill the customers for the charges incurred during a rental trip (what
should be the billing model)?

How to provide advance estimates to customers for their proposed trips?


Your job is to design an appropriate system for this
business. Please keep HR, accounting issues, e,g, customer accounts
receivables, payments, cash accounting, etc out of the scope for this system.
Please clearly
state any assumptions if needed. Avoid making restrictive assumptions.

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