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Print on demand Shop Business Growth manager

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Estimated Hours - 500
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I am looking for a growth manager to build and scale a Print on demand business with a shopify online shop.
I have different T-shirt designs, offered on Shopify store and etsy (later Amazon as well), which will be printed on tshirts, once they are bought. I am working here with printful.
I need someone who can build and grow this business fast. This means: Driving sales through several channels, scale the number of designs & products, grow a bigger audience on social media.
Note: I am at the very beginning. Shop is available here:
Goal is to build the brand and business and scale it with new designs, new products and a higher customer base.
Typical tasks:

  • Determine which new designs should be created.
  • Order new designs from designer for t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, caps, canvas, skateboard deck, leggings and other print on demand products
  • Put these designs on the products in printful and list the new products on the shopify shop, etsy store, ebay and amazon with product description.
  • Publish a product mockup on instagram, facebook and pinterest with an attracting message and optimized hashtags to promote it and grow the social audience.
  • Make the products shoppable on Instagram.
    Reach out to Instagram Influencer that they promote our products.
  • Create and optimize continously Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram ads
  • Grow the sales by etsy and Amazon PPC campaigns.
  • Build a Blog about relevant topics (motivation, achieving goals, hustle, entrepreneurship) and place guest posts on other blogs to get backlinks.
  • Build a brand 
  • Strategic planning how to grow the sales
  • Reaching profitability - making sure that PPC campaigns are with positive ROI.
  • Develop and grow the business 

You don’t have to do all the things yourself, but you can order the required services, which you can’t fulfill from other freelancers. Therefore you must be experienced in working as a project manager with leading and directing other persons.


Questions (Pls. copy the questions and write your answers directly behind the questions):
Do you work alone, or do you have a team?
Which of the mentioned tasks can you cover your own? Which do you need another expert for?
Can you source experts for tasks you don’t cover? Do you have a network of experts/ colleagues , you are used to work with, for that?
What are your experience and qualifications with building & managing such a business? 
Do you have any experience in the print on demand business? Which?

Have you have built a profitable and still running Print on demand business? Pls. name a reference.

Have you worked already as a project manager for an e-commerce business? 
Pls. share references.

Looking for a long-term working relationship