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Powershell Script to copy content from MS-Word to SWriter LibreOffice

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I have a lot of MS Word/Excel files that I want to convert to Libreoffice format.
The files can be opened only with MS Office, but they cant be saved using MS-Office, that why I need the Libreoffice.

The best way:
- A new document with the same name as the original and in the same folder shall be created using Libreoffice.
- The file shall be open with MS Office and the whole content incl. format shall be copied.
- The created file shall be open using the Libreoffice and the copied content shall be past then saved.
- the same shall be done for all documents in a specific folder.

More Details:
The script looks inside all folders in a specific path (incl. all sub-folders).
The script shall automatically convert also old word and excel formats (docs and doc) and Excel (xls and xlsx).
The new file name (.odt) shall be the same as the original word one and shall be saved to the same folder
The script shall copy all the tables in all sheets if it is an Excel file
The script shall continue to work if a file caused an error
The script shall create a log file as text with all errors

Important: The script is not allowed to use Microsoft Office to create the new file. It should only be done with Libreoffice (I'm using the latest version of Libreoffice)