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Post app in Google Play

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The terms:
You have a Google Account
You have not published apps on Google Play.
There are two options:

a) you buy the console and upload the application yourself (the payment will include $25 for your purchase

You can also respond to this project if you already have a purchased Google Play console. We will pay you $15-20.

b) With the teamviewer. You will need a Google Account and access for 30-60 minutes of work through you. (we all do it ourselves)

All you need to start this project is have a google account and teamviewer. If you can, please install the teamviewer. I can quickly do this task (30-60 minutes) with remote access on your computer. Why do I need this? It's much easier than writing full instructions. You will be able to see all my actions, I will buy the console (with my credit card) and upload the application to the console. All I need from you is an open browser where you will login to your Google Account and remotely access it via teamviewer.