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Podcast Audio Editor and Manager

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Podcast: Punjabi Songs Explained (you will need to know how to speak Punjabi and English fluently)

Audio Editing Tasks:
* Listen carefully and insert segments of the song between our voices,
* cut irrelevant parts out (you'll hear us say "cut this out", at times insert your own judgment and edit out um/er/parts where Prateek is reading in low voice)

* Edit podcast sound so the following does not happen
1) when we laugh I can tell it's so loud it screeches.
2) reduce any background sound
3) the volume of the song clip is a little higher than that of your commentary on it (adjust the volume of the clip to keep the volume consistent throughout the podcast,
lufs to the appropriate level for podcast.
than that of Daizy’s. I love hearing her explanations, so if your voices could be equally audible

Podcast Management Tasks
1) Create social media graphics and overlay sound for Instagram promotion  (template provided via Canva)
2) Market through relevant groups online via emailing out (template to be provided)
3) Distribute via anchor (very easy to learn, I learnt in under 30 mins)

The amount $12 USD is for doing two episodes of 40 mins audio each. I estimate this will take 2 hours total.

I prefer a female living in India or Punjab as I like to support women. If we work well together this will be an ongoing project.