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Please develop the automation task using a siimple test framwork in java, BDD and maven

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### Test automation framework
- This is a Maven based framework
- pom.xml should have everything you need to create and run the test. Please add further dependencies if you require.

The following folder `src/test/java/AutomationTest/BrightTalkTest` contains the following class:

`Hook` - this is the before and after. This launches and kills the browser.
`RunnerTest` - contains the CucumberOptions which runs the BDD's

The following folder `src/main/java/AutomationTest/BrightTalkTest` contains the following class:
`BrowserSetup` - This contains the condition use a given browser based on what is set to Browser= within ``

### Test task
> Link for API documentation:

Create steps definition according to provided bdd within API-Test.feature.
Fill in the gaps marked as with test data, which you think would fit the scenario.

**NOTE: We have introduced some basic error for you to debug, please debug and run `SampleTest.feature`.
Then write your test.**

### Tips
Use parametrised steps if you think it is necessary.
Mind the code style.
Write reusable code.
Feel free to expand the framework and please contact HR if you need any advise.