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PLC Programming for Paint Project

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  It is a simple project, Can be completed in 2hrs. I need PLC programming and HMI design for this project.



The project
consists of two mirroring robot cells which will be fed via conveyor system in
sequence. The robots will pick up the paint cans, empty any material in the
paint dispense bins for further processing.




  • Dual Infeed Conveyors with staging of 10 standard 1 gallon paint
    cans per conveyor, entrapment, guides, sensors

  • Both conveyors to be adjustable to accommodate smaller 1 Quart size

  • Operator Panel at start of each conveyor with 4 colour selection

  • Dual Wireless Camera with Monitor screen at operator and side of
    cell to display close up of robot paint dispensing area  

  • Remote Panel with HMI Monitor at operator station to display
    sequence of can colour on each conveyor real time

  • Full system guarding & interlocks, with access door

  • System to meet current CSA 434 robot safety standards with full PSR

  • Robots to grip can, lift, carry to colour station, turn over &
    pour, then rotate the can on a probe/squeegee 

  • Robots to discard empty can on to exit chute into bins


PLC Requirements:


Part 1 Provide a control panel with the
following details:


  • 1x Siemens KTP900 (9”) HMI Screen (1) 2 x four (4) hole PB station
    for color (red, green, blue, yellow) for paint heughs

  • 1 x Nema 4 Enclosure with lockable disconnect and E-Stop

  • 1x Siemens S7-1214 PLC

  • 1x Banner Safety Door Interlocks (PLe, Cat-4) with access control

  • 1x Safety PLC vi) 1x Stack Light Status Indicator: three position
    stacklight has been considered

  • 2x 1HP VFD for each conveyor

  • 2 x clear to place sensors for start of the conveyor

  • 2 x Can in position “pick” sensor for end of conveyor


Part 2  Programming of PLC, HMI, and
Safety Controller with the following details:



  • Auto mode:

    • As each part is placed on the conveyor a ‘part present’ photo eye
      will detect the paint can and index forward one can width

    • This is NOT an indexing conveyor and therefore will only be
      running each time it detects a can

    • The operator will press the color that indicates what color is in
      each can

    • When a can reaches the end of the conveyor it will hit the pick
      position sensor

    • The color sensor will pick up the color of the paint and store
      that in the bit register of the PLC

    • The robot programmer will read the bit register and pick the paint

    • System will index the next part forward and the robot will pick
      when ready 

  • Clear mode:

    • When there are no more cans to be placed on the conveyor a ‘clear
      conveyor’ will be pressed on the HMI that will tell the cell to index all
      cans forward until there are none left



  • Basic alarm screen

  • Maintenance screen for IO check

  • Auto mode screen

  • Clear mode function