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PHP & DOM Document Object Model Bug Fixes

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Do NOT send generic proposals. Anyone not following instructions will not be short-listed.

We are a software firm and to start the relationship there are two small PHP/DOM projects:

1) We are using DOM to assess some 3rd party databases with public websites. One supplier just closed down, so we need to switch URL - there will be minor code adjustments. We will provide the original dom files.  Extracting data from our DB and inserting values to the DB: all this is coded.  All you need to do is test "hard code 1 name, extract from the URL to the terminal/temp file). If this works the rest of our code will work.
2) Another URL uses a slightly different method. Data is provided in excel. Our code was working and suddenly stopped so perhaps something changed in the URL. 

Later, you may be assigned some larger projects and offered long-term support of our existing portals. 

To apply please forward your cv/resume. There will be technical tests.