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Php Developer Needed Simple task 8 line Code ASAP

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I'm looking for someone to add some PHP code to Jetpack Publicize Module to add a given set of Hashtags to posts it send to connected services, Should be able to provide the hashtags inside the code or through wp-admin backend. It should survive Jetpack plugin upgrades and source code should be provided.
Already done some code just you can insert Few line code completed code link

Requirement Simple Task Work  8 Lines Code  
1. Write code to automatically add hashtags to Jetpack Publicize Module
2. Should make new option under Settings->Add Hashtags to manually enter hashtags in a text box with Save button. Hashtags should be saved and used by the code to add to the post
3. All entered hashtags should be automatically added to Jetpack Publicize Module when it posts content to social media and should appear in all social media posts published by Jetpack Publicize module
4. Code should be in the format of plugin so I can upload it from wp-admin backend Add Plugin->Upload File feature
5. Hashtags should be added automatically to all the posts published by the Jetpack Publicize Module
6. If no hashtags are provided, the plugin should finish quietly with no errors
7. If there are any bugs in the provided code, they should be corrected by the developer
8. Should work with current version of Wordpress and Jetpack

Thank you!