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Photo Editing of 360 Degree Photos to Create a Virtual Tour

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I need an employee to assist me with my current project. I am assembling a series of 360 degree photos into a virtual tour similar to Google Street View. The final product will let the user navigate around an area on their computer or smartphone.

I need someone to help me with assembling the photos together into the virtual tour. The photos have already been taken, and now I need to stitch the together. You will use a program called 3DVista Virtual Tour Pro. A free version that lasts 30 days can be downloaded here:

Before applying for this job, please watch 1 or 2 video tutorials to get a sense of what I need from you. These video tutorials can be found here:

This job does not require expertise in any field, but you must be able to speak English proficiently, as this task is a little complicated, and the instructions will be very specific. It will also be very helpful if you have experience working with 360 degree photos. If you are interested, send me a message, and if I decide to hire you, I will send detailed instructions on what to do.


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