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Phaser game developer

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Estimated Hours - 40
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We have built several games with phaser that are deployed to both web and mobile.

I'm looking for a keen phaser.js game dev to help with feature iteration and game quality improvements.

An example of one of the games can be seen here

Key skills: JavaScript, Git, Phaser

Knowledge of cordova / phonegap is a nice to have as well, but is not essential. Being able to create or edit art in Photoshop or GIMP would be a big plus too even if of dev/placeholder quality (we can send to art team for upgrades)

Main priority is being passionate about creating fun and engaging experiences that will lead on to enhanced user ratings, retention and monetisation. i.e. How could this be more fun? What would you add or remove to make this feature better?

Looking for someone who can put in a large number of hours at a low rate initially to drive rapid improvements to gameplay/polish/ux/ui with salary increasing based on performance.

e.g. 40 to 60h/wk Monday to Saturday