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Part Time Writers Position —— Secrets: Game of Choices/Scripts: Untold Secrets

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We are a game company, engaging in an interactive story game named Secrets: Game of Choices (AKA Scripts: untold Secrets later). So far, we have produced a lot of excellent interactive stories in game which is a great platform for writers and readers who enjoy interactive stories .We are looking for writers working with a team of editors and illustrators to develop fictional interactive stories. If you are interested, come and join us. 

Script requirement

  1. Experience: Based on writing stories/fictions in Amazon or other story platforms
  2. Stylistic: Mainly accept LGBT themes. Other romantic (e.g. steamy romance), horror, adventure, werewolf vampire themes are okay. But love story should be the focus.
  3. Style: Creative and original; intense plot; dramatic conflict, and eye-catching from the beginning.
  4. Word count: 30k-50k words/1book, 2k-3k words/1 chapter, a total of 15 to 30 chapters
  5. Options: At least 15 sets choices per chapter, at least 3 sets paid choices ; every set with paid choice requires 3 options.
  6. Format: screenplay, mainly dialogue, supplemented by narration, avoid large narrations.
  7. Required Language: English

We can provide:

  1. We provide competitive prices.
  2. It’s a part-time job. You don't have to work in the office.
  3. Your story will become an amazing interactive story in game. 

And it's recommended to download our game Secrets: Game of Choices to see how it works. Our game is available in Google Play and Apple Store. I hope it could help you to understand what type of stories we need

 0.01$-0.5$/word (10 USD  to 50 USD for 1000 words)