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Package existing React App as Android App using Apache Cordova

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I'm looking to work with someone with experience in Apache Cordova and Android apps. I have an existing front end React codebase (bootstrapped from create-react-app) that I would like packaged as an Android app. The app interacts with a Node.js backend. The app is in early stage of development. The goal for this project is to see a proof-of-concept Android app set up and working in a local development environment.

 * I would like to be able to easily upgrade the Android app based on changes in the upstream React app, which will be deployed as a Web app as well.
 * The same codebase should be used for both Web app and Android app, ideally with minimal modifications (e.g. to support mobile "Back" button interactions).
 * The solution must NOT require ejecting from create-react-app to customize Webpack config. Alternative solutions for build customization can be employed, such as copying the codebase at build time and running a custom build step.
 * The existing GitHub OAuth flow of the Web app should be able to function within the Android app.
 * Interactions with the existing backend should work (existing codebase uses JWT stored in cookies - we may need to modify how JWT is stored locally for Android app).