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Online Teaching English Website Designed

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Company Name – Teaching1to1English

e.mail address – [removed]

Skype address – Teaching1to1English –
lesson to be via Skype
or Zoom

The site needs to open in hosts country language i.e. It is
I.P. sensitive.

if in China or Malaysia or Singapore or Taiwan –

Spain or Columbia or Ecuador or Mexico or Argentina or Peru
or Chile or Venezuela or Cuba or Dom Republic or Bolivia or Honduras or
Paraguay or El Salvador or Nicaragua or Costa Rica or Panama or Uruguay   -

Russia or Ukraine or Belarus or Kazakhstan or Estonia or
Georgia or Latvia or Lithuania or Moldova – Russian  

You will need to ensure Chinese version translates correctly
from English, I know people who can give correct translation English to Russian
and English to Spanish –

Portuguese to be added at a later date. Any other
country not listed to be via a translator plugin related to IP location.



Introduction text for website

We at Teaching1to1, love to
teach English it gives us great satisfaction, helping someone learn our
language and great fun too.

We are native and experienced
English teachers. Here to help you learn English by speaking, reading &
listening. Our lessons are tailored to your interests and hobbies. Our teachers
are certified, qualified or have experience teaching you or your child. We use
a structured formula to teach, which is tried and tested and proved to be

Our teachers have taught
students privately & classrooms in UK, Spain, Poland, Ukraine &

We specialise in teach Beginner
to Intermediate level.
     We teach Conversational and Business English, based on
Speaking, Reading & Listening. We can also help with British exams A1, A2,
B1 & B2 levels & Ielts exams too.

To help students who want a more
formal Business English we have teachers from Engineering & construction
backgrounds too.

We provide a FREE 15 minute
lesson to assess your language ability. (Ability
to hide this last sentence)


The site needs a simple form to be completed by students

Name  -                                                                Age
-                     (No one under 5
years old)          Nationality –

details – e.mail                                
or Zoom
(either/or)                                           Mobile (for SMS confirmation)

Standard – None                               Beginner

or Hobbies

Why do
you want to learn English- Conversation                Work                    School
                  Exam                     Hobby

A diary for student to pick time and date of Skype/Zoom lesson – notification
via e.mail or SMS to [removed]
& confirmation back to student.
 This will need to go direct to Teachers e.mail/SMS as I get more teachers

Going to need a form for teachers to complete too –

Name                                    Nationality                                          Qualification


e.mail                                                    Moblie


The site will need room to add teacher profiles a picture
with brief description – upload certificate or certificates.

Student chooses
teacher & book a lesson on teacher’s dairy, for kids between 5 & 12 years
old lessons are 30min, 13 plus will be an hour.
Dairy needs to central European
time and some kind of information based on IP address notifying student/teachers
of the time difference.
Teacher to be notified by e.mail & SMS and
confirmation e.mail/sms sent back to student, once payment has been made &
confirmed by teacher.

I need a simple feedback system maybe smilies. Unhappy face
– Less Unhappy – OK face – Half smiling – Happyface     with a box to make brief comment. – An
internal summary of these faces by teacher and total.



Payment PAGE

Fees – Introductory lesson 15 Min FREE – To be booked with
me but with the option to change by me.

                For Kids 5 to 12                                                                                  12
to 18 & Adults

  1 lesson 30 minutes        £8.50                                                     1 lesson 60 minutes        £15.00

5 lessons x 30min             £42.50                                                   5 lessons                              £70.00

10 lessons x 30min           £80.00                                                   10 lessons                           £130.00

I have a Paypal account and would like to be via Paypal. I
would like payment via this.



I have the domain name  from 

CMS - I need access to the website at anytime to change text
or add pictures of new teachers with room for description of teacher.

Website needs to be responsive i.e. usable on all platforms

The site needs to be register on Google/Baidu/
& Yandex.Ua  

It will need SEO so my site can be found.


Terms & Conditions link page.


I think that’s everything