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Offline system to create orders for customers and extract the orders

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I need an offline system. The system needs to be able to create orders. There would only be admin using it so only one login access and I would go around and take orders from people. I need to be able to post hundreds of products with name, description, quantity, price and picture. I need to be able to create customers, and make orders for specific customers. when making an order I need to be able to edit the quantity required at all times and pictures need to show in the order. It needs to extract to excel when finished in order to print or edit again. I would prefer pictures to be printed in the order in excel also. It needs to all be offline so not connected to internet just an offline program. System to
- add products to a front showing page
- Add customers
- Make orders to a set customer
- Save orders
- Save orders to complete later
- Extract orders as excel ready to print
- Database management so quantity reduces as orders are made
- Fast running because lots of products to be added don’t want to take a lot of time
- Products to have pictures as well
- Automatic codes to be added to products as adding