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NodeJS and Java project

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I would like to have the Difficulty & Traffic score calculation of below Node JS program to be converted to Java. Looking for a java program(with main method is fine), that takes the keyword and gives back these two scores for Apple App Store (Google Play not needed). I'm primarily focused on these two calculations than scraping logic.

Well, the Difficulty I'm talking about is - the difficulty for my app to rank well in app store for given keyword. Similarly. - the Traffic is the amount of traffic the given keyword is having in the app store. So, the whole question is about App Store itself. Thyat library has scraped top apps, their title with keywords, their age etc, to come up with an estimated Difficulty or Traffic.

Note that I do not want to deviate in any aspect to that library. All calculations are same as is per library. Because, its already a proven one so far - unless if App Store changes something in future.

Please let me know your budget and time required.