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Need writers/bloggers for a cause-based social project who are really interested in writing for that

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I need writers for a cause-based / social project I have started, and so I am looking for writers who are actually interested in this area of work so kindly read the description in detail below.

Project Details:

I am going after a project of mine to help some important causes and spread awareness on social, cultural and environmental issues but to also help solve them in any way possible,

We are picking a few specific things like Women Empowerment, Animal welfare, helping the underprivileged (children)... to not spread thin at first... 

I don't know if the terms are accurate for what we want to do at first nor do I have a complete idea of what would be the best niche to start with... So, any advice or thoughts are welcome too :)

If you're not interested yourself maybe you can help me and point me to some people you may know who'll be interested?


1. You would like to write for a social startup and would love to be a part of something that helps some real cause in society.

2. Whatever topic/niche you would love to be part of (let's say women empowerment), you'd have to be really into it, you should know what's happening and are keen to stay on top in general and our platform is just helping you spread the word more every day.

3. You have prior writing/blogging experience for other websites.

4. You have proficient knowledge of Wordpress, SEO (Atleast Yoast).

5. You can easily communicate, collaborate and work independently on software like Slack and Airtable (similar to Asana and sorts, but just better).

Mention these things while applying:

1. Please tell me about your interest in this area and what would do you see for yourself in return.

2. Have you written about/on things related to these social causes before?

3. In any case, please provide samples for your writing (Links for websites/webpages only).

4. Introduce yourself well, and lmk where you're from and what's your motivation for this (the word "motivation" should be included in our message).