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Need wordpress developer theme installed and ready to start the project

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User Roles outlined:
    > Client:
    > Able to register on site and receive email verification to open
    > account.
    > Select job on website and provide required information (upload from
    > computer or phone).
    > Receive an instant email verifying when job has been received (and
    > link to job for reference).
    > Receive email notification when job is complete or when more
    > information is required (both with links).
    > Able to login to website to check status of job, to request changes,
    > see all previous jobs and to purchase credits and see current credits.
    > Staff:
    > Receives email notification when new job has been posted (link in
    > email).
    > Only able to see their jobs, E.g can only see Virtual Furniture job if
    > that is all that staff works on.
    > Able to communicate with Client through website and able to see chat
    > transcript (history). Receive email notice when client communicates.
    > Able to view and download instructions and imagery that has been
    > uploaded from client.
    > Able to post completed job with an automatic email being sent to
    > client.
    > Admin:
    > See’s everything.
    > Notified when any job is received and all communication between staff
    > and client (able to turn this feature off)
    > Able to reallocate jobs.
    > Able to give clients free credits.
    > Able to turn on feature which allows free credits to be allocated when
    > new accounts are setup.
    > Backend for Staff and Admin is fine to work directly with the
    > Wordpress menus and features. Clients should be interacting with the
    > site design and have no idea they are interacting with a wordpress
    > interface (just like – The interface has to be
    > different from boxbrownie for legal reason, but needs to keep the same
    > feel and ease of use. It needs to work both on a desktop computer and
    > iPhone/android.