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Need Webrtc Developer

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A shop in development stage is running on my server. I want to sell live streams. Shop runs with php/java (no CMS)

This is how it should be:

Someone, e.g. an artist wants to stream a live event and sell tickets for it. Now he has the opportunity to create or plan an event (sell article). To do this, he must create and announce an event on the website.

In essence, it should work in such a way that the event organizer / artist can add one or more liverstreams via the event (product in the shop) from his own device from which he is currently accessing the product and logged in as a seller. In other words, if he logs in on different devices, he can also add several camera settings to his event or other sound tracks. 4-5 should be possible.

For the visitor there is no possibility to add a camera. He can only watch and listen to the live streams.

The following details are important. When purchasing a ticket, the user receives a ticket number after payment. (Already programmed) If the user returns to the event later, he can activate and view the transmission with this number.

By clicking on the streams, the user should be able to choose between the camera perspectives and between the audio tracks of the associated perspectives. It would be very good if the user could decide to change the perspective but not the sound. I thought of the following solution: If the user clicks on the livestream with the mouse or touch, the icon of the stream is overlaid with the semi-transparent fields Camera, Both & Sound. Depending on which stream area in the streamicon touches, the setting for the user changes. The user should be able to control the event (product in the shop) with, for example, a YouTube-like player. Fullscreen and picture in picture option is important.

The various streams can be found at Eventview (product page) under the media field. The user can change there. The same must, however, be possible in fullscreen mode so that the available streams are displayed by touch or click.

I would prefer programming without a third-party service provider (YouTube or Co.). Basically, I am open to everything as long as it is professional and uncomplicated. Webrtc