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Need to have our Business website developed

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Our business is about tiffin food distribution. the customers who want our tiffin service will register themselves on our website. On the user dashboard of customer, they will have complete information about: 
1. Their current subscription/meal plan.
2. Option to change the plan or terminate the service.
3. Make monthly payment for the subscription on the website.
4. Money left in their wallet.
We need a full stack web developer to develop the website for this business, both frontend and backend. The frontend of the website is already nearly complete. HTML/CSS for all the pages is already written. But as the development proceeds and we actually begin testing the website, we may want to have the developer make some adjustments/changes to the front end also.
With the description of this project we are attaching images for some of our web pages. We are also attaching a pdf which shows how different parts/pages of our website are connected to each other.
Features required in the website are

  1. OTP verification (SMS gateway)
  2. Signup using google, facebook
  3. Our own signup system using phone number or email id.
  4. count of daily visitors to the website.
  5. need a mobile version for the website. Since 90% of the customers will use this website on their smartphones, the mobile version of the site should be well optimized and run smooth on all smartphones.
  6. Referral code generation and verification system.
  7. Payment gateway integration.
  8. All the data entered by the users’ on the website(name, address, subscription plan active)must be stored in the form of microsoft excel or spreadsheets for our access. Information of subscribers’ starting date, ending date, no. of active users at any time must also be stored. The excel should get updated automatically as any new subscriber is added, removed.
  9. Need multiple admins. 
  10. A wallet system for the users. Wallet cannot be used by the user to transfer money into their bank account or transfer money to other wallet. Can only be used to pay the fees for the next month.
  11. When a user enters his/her address details, only the pincodes in which we deliver our tiffins are to be accepted, rest of them are to be rejected.
Complete front end design will be provided to the developer when he/she starts working on the project.
We have a very strict deadline for this project & would want the developer to comply with it.