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Need to design android mini games with Rest Apis

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Rush Ludo for example we need.
We already build an android app where people can play paid tournaments for pubg,free fire and ao on.Thats a first start.
In the next update we need to add small 1v1 game.
Now your work will be to modify the game logic as per our need.
Our need is each game will be a 1v1 and there will be one tournaments for each game everyday.And the most scorer will be shortlisted

Lemme come to the 1v1 point.
If one user press the play button it will be on a waiting screen calling finding another user.If within 30sec it gets a match with another user the game will start.If time exceeding 30sec it will start the match with a bot instead.Bot logic will be from the stack it's taking users it will let one user win one match and two user loose it.
And currency will be our app currency called bg coin.
When a player tries to enter a match the coin will be deducted and after winning it will credited in their account as soon as match finishes.The most scorer within the 2min will win the match.
For tournaments the entry of a player will be one time.They will play solo and try to reach a higher score.After event ends top players will be rewarded.
And you need help our developer to integrate it with your application.