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Need someone who can write and create illustrations and content for our website

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We are launching a new website for business consulting firm. I need someone who can create good content for the website. This would be a 5-pages website and all the pages would have scroll effect like a powerpoint presentation. So, the content of the slide should be like story board. eg - One liner information -> Problem statement -> how we solve problem ->  what makes us different -> about us Content etc. This sequence/headers can change as per suggestions from writer. I am expecting is
- Text 
- Relevant images or illustrations
- Suggestions for improvements
- one video for 1-2 mins to be displayed on website (can be a doodle, or animation etc.) (optional)

What inputs I will provide
- Verbal introduction about our firm
- Some competition websites
- NO written content will be provided

1. Feel free to quote a higher amount if you think the price I quotes is too less for my expectation
2. I am not looking for people who can write good english. I myself can do that. I am looking for creative content creators who can create good content for my website. Its not only about writing english.