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Need SCORM Content Player in iOS Swift 4 Existing Project Help or Can create new solution

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Application Type: Native 

Brief: We need help in SCORM Content Player for iPhone, we have SCORM Content Package and these package should run in the iPhone in SWIFT Language. SCORM content will be play from online link and from offline downloaded content. 

We have source code but we can't share the code if anyone can help us using screen sharing like remote access then it will be really good, so that you can directly integrate and see what we are doing wrong for SCORM.

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SCORM Content Player in iPhone using SWIFT
Content will be play using two way 1. using online link 2. From local storage
We have all the SCORM Content but only need content player
We need download SCORM Content to local mobile device - this will also work offline means without internet
We need SCORM content to be play via online link using internet.
It should work in all the devices of iOS link iPhone 5 and greater

Days: 2 

It's super urgent project for us and we are already delayed so please help me here