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Need Research Based Content Writers to write articles for a Tech Blog

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Brief: Business Innovation, Business Transformation, and SAP S/4HANA.  Next Generation ERP and ERP delivery.  Hybrid of an academic paper and blog post.  I need research based blog posts, or short publications.  Graphics are not necessary, I can take care of that.  Here are a few examples or samples:

Blog Post examples (minimum 3 sources)

Research Paper examples (minimum 6 sources)

The papers should include research, some type of conclusions or opinions based on the research, and then finish with some type of "call to action" like a blog post.

Payment: USD 8-12 each / 500-650 words article (blog post like the examples above); or, USD 20-28 each / 1500-2000 words research paper (research papers like the examples above).
  • The content should be fresh and should be free of grammatical errors.
  • You will be required to write about 2 articles a week and 1 research paper every other week.
  • I will provide example research topics, key words, and content ideas but these are just for guidance.  Additional research is required.  Based on the topics, examples, and key words you will provide a title and content.
THESE ARE INDUCTIVE WRITING EXERCISES...  In other words, I will provide guidance but you write the content based on where the research takes you.  You start with the data, and then based on that data (or research) you produce your conclusions from that research.  

Please bid according to per article instead of per hour.  Pay is by completed article or completed research paper and not by the hour.

Please provide links to a couple of examples of each you have done in the past.