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Need Reactnative Developer & Designer

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2nd Phase to work on:

1. Social Media verification.
This have been already implemented, just to make sure its integrated with our API keys and working for facebook, gmail and 1+ more.Task: User will click on plus icon, and user will authenticate using gmail, facebook id etc… And once authenticated/verified, then update the user with values, FacebookVerified: true, GoogleVerified: true, LinkedInVerified: true, TwitterVerified: true
Also the plus icon will be changed to Tick mark icon
We will have a badge (Social Media Verified) on the user profile if more than 2 accounts are verified.

What updates you need in which API, Let know then can send the updated API so can complete the integration.Example: UserAPI will have fields, FacebookVerified: true/false, GoogleVerified: true/false, 

2. To improve the UX, and at what pages..
  1. When we type Chat message then Keyboard overlaps the Text Area to type - Check in the below first 2 reference screenshots
  2. The UX of contact Page is boring, Form UX will be updated to the best.

For UX: Let me know first then feel free to do.

3. MFA: If we turn on MFA from the settings, then User can login the app using Phone’s Authentication/ Touch/Pattern Lock. -> This have been already implemented, to implement when app starts if user logged in..Goal: To have a double/multiple authentication so that no other user can access the app if they do not knows the password of the phone
4. To Optimize the App in Performance and fix 1+ Minor Bug if any5. To test the app.6. Create Android build, .aab build
Phase 3:
how the KYC App would be if it could integrate a password generator/saving mechanism like a 1Password.
Also integrating with services to change addresses and other contact information from one localized dashboard.How would we do that with APIQuestions. please reply and provide the following additional details:  India requires that you register your Sender ID with mobile carriers before you can use it. To proceed with your request, please provide the following registration information and confirm you will adhere to any country specific regulation. Message Restrictions and Requirements: By default, when you send messages to recipients in India, you will use International Long Distance Operator (ILDO) connections to transmit those messages. When recipients see a message that's sent over an ILDO connection, it appears to be sent from a random numeric ID.If you prefer to use an alphabetic sender ID (or numeric sender IDs for promotional category) for your SMS messages, you have to send those messages over local routes rather than ILDO routes. To send messages using local routes, you first have to register your use case and message templates with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). These registration requirements were designed to reduce the number of unsolicited messages that Indian consumers receive, and to protect consumers from potentially harmful messages. This registration process is managed by Vodafone India through its Vilpower service.• Domestic transactional routes support alphabetic sender IDs and must use transactional message type• Domestic promotional routes support numeric sender IDs and must use the promotional message type -- NOTE: There is a limitation on promotional numeric senders that will override your alphabetic transactional sender IDs. In order to use promotional numeric sender IDs you would be required to use a dedicated account and/or that does not send transactional messages via alphabetic sender IDs.• Senders who do not qualify for domestic India SMS will use International Long Distance (ILDO) routes where alpha sender IDs will not be preserved. If you are an International company you are not required to register a sender ID. --Do you agree to comply with these restrictions? Entity Registration Requirements:Prior to submitting the request to Amazon you must register your business entity, sender ID, and templates through the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) DLT registration portal. This is facilitated for Amazon customers via the Vodafone Idea registration portal: .Please see attached document (Amazon SMS Entity Registration.docx) for registration instructions. Format Restrictions and Requirements:All format restrictions and requirements are put in place by TRAI and DLT registration portals. 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