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Need modifications in app

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Application Type: Native ( android and IOS Both ) - Online Recharge and Bill pay App

Need to work on bugs Remaining with Android /IOS and Web
1. Need to Integrate New Payment gateway ( EBS now Ingenico ) in App
2. Adjustment of UI In different Places
3.Integration of Account Kit by Facebook
4. Addition of Cashback and Coupons

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In Details:
Under -Landing Page of APP

1. In wallet Add Balance not working properly
2. Synchronization of buttons under Recharge Categories ( currently its a Bit bigger )
3. More Services categories to add within Recharge Category ( Will Share Latest App link you will get to know)

Under -Topup categories

1. Fix UI and Cashback ( Adjustment )
2. Bugs in while adding mobile Number from contact it is add country code which should not come .

Under Checkout Page in Each section
1. UI Need to be Improved
2. Currency Conversion not happening at backed idly it should Convert INR to NPR formula will be 1/1.6
3. After recharge Success message and Invoice not showing

Few 2-3 more Bugs similar which will share after discussion

Designs: UI Designs are ready need to do bit adjustment wherein required
APIs Status: APIs are already developed

Timeline: 10 days