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Need marketing consultant for spreading the word about our new website

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In phase 1 of our project, we are looking for an individual consultant to develop strategy for digital media marketing/social media marketing to drive traffic to the website. The consultant should be familiar with marketing strategies for popular social media platforms, use of influencers, use of traditional media, opinion writers etc. 

Digital Media:-
- Develop strategies to maximize use of both free and paid elements on major social media platform : Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snap etc. 
- Clear guidelines about how to leverage the free elements on these platforms
- Clear guidelines about what works for paid promotions and what are the levers to move to get most bang for the buck
- Strategies that will help generate virality
- How to use of influencers
- Key words, colors, images, tag lines to use to draw attention in social media
- What to post, where to post, when to post
- Use of Email blasts
- Strategies targets to target 18-35 year old audiences
- Strategies to target 35-60 year old audiences
- Strategies to target 60-70 year old audiences 

Search Engines:
- SEO: Strategies and tactics to optimize Content on website to maximize search engine visibility
- Keywords to use for SEO 

Traditional Media:
- Use of traditional media channels.
- Engaging opinion writers, health sections of newspapers etc. 

Additionally we would require the applicant to demonstrate the following skills:
- good understanding of USA culture
- history of completing projects successfully with USA clients
- be able to develop simple content like images, videos etc.