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Need Java Stock Trading project ported to Csharp; Deadline 21 days

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This is a stock trading program. I wish to port if from java to csharp.  I need this done in 21 days and have set 3 milestones for payment. A fourth milestone into the future for additional work to you. This is to run in windows 10 and should be a fully functioning port of a java program into windows enviroment. It should be made modular, safe array, multithreaded and capable of using high level of memory over 32gb.  Th payment structure is 1/3 , 1/3, 1/3 for milestones reached during the project. Please, Please dont accept this project if you dont have the skills or desire to complete it. Too many projects are bidded on and abandoned at midstream.  Current project on github and sourceforge. Winning bidder with right programming skills will be given link. It includes new and old releases..most current 2015. It includes sources, old releases..original authors data and other documentation. 

Milestone 1: Payment 1/3
You completely port java trader to csharp. All functionality from original java program should be  maintained or improved upon compared to original java program. This will require that  you convert code and make some modular plugin architecture. The first milestone should allow for the following:
1. Complete porting java codes to csharp. debugging and speeding up code .
2. Importation of csv files that i give you example and format from. I should be able to "Browse to database" and import the historical data into the database engine and portfolio manager. Ability to chose to look at open or close or avgPrice value. This means you would have to write  a small script that takes the summation of the open, high, low , and close values and divide by 4 to get AvgPrice...And thus the datasets i give you would have to be converted not to show 
symbol date open high low close volume
but rather
symbol date avgPr avgpr avgPr avgPr volume(Millions)
My calendar date nomenclature is mm/dd/ccyy in USA. My files are exported in descending calendar date order.  I will send you example files to your email since they are 300mb and truelancer limit is 5mb. These will be stocks, mutual funds, etfs, indexes for you to make sure they are importable to your framework and database module.
I believe original project in java used mysql. you are welcome to use that or sqllite or free oracleDB etc. Your choice. Hope it can handle up to 22k data symbols and their minute or even historical tick datasets.these can grow quite large if not attended to.

3. Pluggable architecture for Data. The project has mysql already embedded within java program..and thus need plugable architecture..perhaps thru ActiveX structure so that multiple data vendors and their realtime feeds can be used to insure data integrity, redundancy, and no loss of availability of data. That means if a second data vendor is chosen..the active x is launched and a clone of the portoflio window opens and is being fed by another data source. The ability to open one or more vendors is mandatory. Proggy needs to run without failure or hiccups.

4. The usage of guis and descriptors already embedded in trading windows as seen in original java program.
5. Useage of ported alerts, paging and sms texting. Need visual and audible alerts on pc as popup guis.
6. Testing of ported project to make sure datafeed populates portfolios etc.  We will require one realtime database for phase 1 milestone. 
7. Embeddment of improved catastrophic failure code incase markets collapses. this has been harvested.
8. Embeddment of improved backesting code.

Milestone 2: 
1. Embedment of Ironpython and python framework for forecasting. Pluggable architecture to call in Rscripts.
2. Embeddment of FastR with ten lines of that we can call in Rscript plugins.
3. Adding some other datavendors. I have a dozen. Project will require using dotnet codes or csharp codes hirer has to make active x and deploy a few additional data feeds for redundancy and to increase the availability of worldwide symbolic ecosystem.
4. Test examples of plugins for python and Rscripts.
5. Addition of custom techinidicators or mechanical system code for buys and sells alerts and messaging.

Forecasting with python algos in multiple timeframes. Discussion on this to follow.
Eloquent reporting and ranking of rising and falling symbols on a grid like a speadsheet.
Embedding of some descriptors and return functions to describe the stock system under evaluation.
Expansion of mechanical trading strategies, custom indicators, and expansion of majority voting thru winforms with drag and drop capabilities to make for signals of different alarm magnitudes .

Milestone 4-
This is listed and to be collaborated on. It will be for additional bonuses to you.
Embeddment of professional grade optimization codes and dll libraries. 
Embeddment of professional runtime engines
Embeddment of RocketScience maths
Embeddment of proprietary market conditions and prefitlering prior to populating the watchlist or portfolio grid guis.
Embeddment of addtional realtime feeds.
Enhancement and debugging of current and new features added.
Deployment on Virtual machine or VPS.

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