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Need enhancements to existing UX designs

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Username - sridhar Pw - [email protected] 

Background We are building an Inventory Management, CRM and ERP system for a real estate client. Inventory management is 90% complete. And other modules are yet to start. We already had UX designed by an expert. When we did that, requirements were not very clear. So, he designed some sample pages. ex - one page for Add, one for update, one for dashboard etc.. We referred same designs and built add, edit and listing page for all entities. 

Problem Statement

  • For inward/outward/lost damaged inventory, not all fields can be displayed due to space constraint. So, we wanted some way where user can see all fields and download attached fields without opening the entry for editing. Currently, user has to open the entry for editing. then only he can see all fields and download attachments. May be a slide like currently implemented for contact
  • Similarly, all add/edit pages available looks cluttered and old fashioned . We have to make them look more latest. Specifically, pages having page upload feature.
  • We have to adjust stock page also accordingly as per other page designs

  • Without modifying the base design, we want to add and rearrange elements/tabs to solve our problem statement
  • Designs should look latest and user friendly

Condition for payments
  • We have a benchmark set i.e. the existing designs. Payment will be done only if they improve the existing designs and solve our problem statement
Budget - We can discuss on this. Reason why I quoted very less is because I am doing hit and trial till I find a good partner. I cannot hit and trial with big numbers

Note - This is a long term work. Scope for this job is only enhancing existing pages. We need many pages in future for CRM, . Will post them separately based on output from this job