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Need English copy editors - NOT proofreading job

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Do you fit this description?
Grammar Nazi. 

Spellings, punctuation, typos and syntax errors leap out at you when reading copy.  

You are itching to corretc the errors’ made in this job-post and caps on what are obviously not Proper Nouns just make you mad.  

You can visualise the flow of an article and match images to the text to enhance it. 

If your response is yes to at least 2 of the above, we have a job that may interest you.    

The plus side:
Our website is all about gifting and we aim at creating enjoyable and interesting articles that are also informative at the same time. That means you get to edit content that is actually fun to read, not to mention all the great gifting ideas you’re going to pick up on the job!
Check out our website and see for yourself! 

What the job entails:
1. Edit and proofread articles (of about 2000 words), ensuring that not only are they grammatically correct, but also contain all the essential information.
2. Upload content for publishing through our cms. This includes sourcing images and doing independent research to verify the content.
3. Understand how to create an SEO-friendly article and tweak headlines and content accordingly.
4. Training to understand company guidelines and protocols for article writing. 5. This involves daily work and you should be able to achieve a turnaround for at least 1-2 articles a day.

**Prior experience as a sub-editor or other editorial roles will be a plus 

We have a short test for candidates and there may be a trial.  Attach samples of your writing  when applying for this post. Read and re-read this post till you understand what it is you’re applying for. We DON’T want only proofreaders. You will have to edit AND prepare an article for publishing. Visit our website to understand what published work looks like.

Remuneration: Rs.150 per article (Rs.3000 for 20 articles)

If the rates or terms are not acceptable to you, please do us both a favour and do not apply. We will not negotiate.