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Need data migration script to migrate data from one DB to other with 90% same table structure

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We created a web application last year. This application is live on production and have a existing tables with data.
Later this year, We cloned the application code and added many new features.  This required changes to layout of many DB tables.

So, now I have two sets of schemas
- Production schema having real data and old tables
- QA DB with sample data and and new tables

So, I need someone who is expert in DB migration. Who can help me create scripts that can do the magic of transforming DB from old structure to new structure and auto-create data whenever I decide to deploy new changes to existing prod server

Total No of tables to be migrated - 36
No of tables having major changes like merging two tables to one - 1
No Of tables having Medium Change - 1
No of tables having Minor changes like addition of new column - 3
No if tables requiring only migration of audit information to main table - 31

When I say audit information, it is fetching data like creationDate, creationBy, lastModifiedDate, lastModifiedBy. This information needs to be fetched from audit tables. This is applicable to all tables but will be only change for 15 tables.

DB Used - MySQL version 8