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Need custom PHP MySql coding

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This project is about custom MySql and PHP programming for the website
The website features several math and science games. We have a bank of about 300 games in word format.
We will be creating a subdomain for the 'Games' section which will open in a new window.

The project involves the following:

When user visits the website, a LOGIN / REGISTER page to be presented to enter the games section
After login, the user can access the games page, and is presented with a menu / interface with the numbers of the standard.
On clicking the standard (Std.1, Std.2, etc.), the user will be directed to the 'Home Page' of that particular standard.
On clicking the name of the game from the left menu, the user will be shown the details of the game as mentioned above.
The user can click on any game
User to be allowed to change standard

The Home page (index page) will have a menu where the user will select the standard: 2nd std. 3rd. std., etc.
Upon clicking the standard, the user will be directed to the page of that standard.

This page will have the following:
Left menu which will list all the games for a particular standard generated, listed dynamically from the database, with relevant links
Top/header with LearnQuest Logo
Search interface
Name of the game
Description of the game
Image of the game
Subject of the game
Subtopic of the game
Price/Cost of the game
Link to YouTube video (iframe from YouTube)
Footer: Links to Contact, about us, etc.

2) An admin page - this is to facilitate data input for the pages that are to be generated dynamically. ALL the data above should be input through a form on the admin page, including uploading the picture of the game, text, and the URL of the YouTube video.
The data on each page to be called dynamically from the database after input by the admin.
Interface also required to be able to modify/edit/delete any data

You need to 
1. Create the database and tables for 
     a) User registration
     b) Data input for the admin form
2. Create the Log in page and form
3. Create the Admin form to input, modify or delete - the web page data
4. Create SQL queries to generate the web pages as above.
5. Create interface to view the data that has been entered through the admin page