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Need Content Writers to write articles for a Finance blog

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We are looking for a long-term relationship with a qualified freelance writer having experience in the personal financial and finance industry. 

We are seeking someone who can write and edit content that is relevant to the industry and provides answers to questions that pertain to the same.  Articles/reviews will need to be minimum 1000 words (a max of 2000) and will require some research on the part of the writer.  
We are seeking to write or edit 1-2 articles per week.

Each week you will be given a few blog topics and some keyword phrases/ or articles written by other writers as reference.  It will be up to you to interview us for some of the content and for the rest of the content, you will need to obtain from your own research for writing or editing purpose. 

Topics and keyword phrases will be provided.

Writer/Editor  - should be passionate and knowledgeable about the financial aspects  - should have a style that is captivating, educational, mature, and creative.  - must have previous editing experience
Articles must be researched, original content and not re-paraphrased copies from other sites.

Qualifications & Questions To Answer while Applying:
Industry experience would be a plus. 
Please tell us why you think you would be a good fit for this job?
Must - samples of other work that you have done for other clients
Do you have a personal blog that we can view?
Can we look at your previous editing jobs?

Payment: INR 0.50 / word