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I am placing an order for 2 articles at once. Kindly take a look at the three different sets of guidelines carefully. Please remember:

  • I will need all two articles in separate word files
  • Use copyright free images from, etc. within the article (along with the direct link to the image).
  • The content should be fresh and should be free of grammatical errors.
Article 1: How being healthy can improve your productivity in the office


1. Article should be  1200 words.
2. Not published elsewhere
3. Posts must include sub-headers! Do not send one long term-paper looking submission!
4. Must include either the following for use with the post. Links rather than attachments are preferred.
5. No need of images
6. Please find below link writing guidelines  
7. Please include intro paragraph
8. Keep paragraph length short.
9. Please do the proper formatting.
10. Add summary section in the article.
11. Article is in International English and NOT US English.

Article 2: Viking Horse Riding Tour In Iceland


1. Article should be  800 words.
2. Everything related to extreme sports or some “harder” sports.
3. The article must contain an introduction section that drives the interest of the reader.
4. The article must be your and it needs to be fully original work, we don't accept already published content!
5. The post should be in the context of our blog topic.
6. The article needs to have a summary or conclusion with your opinion.
7. Article that contain good grammar.
8. Don't use images.
9. Try to get in-depth of the problem, don't be skin-deep.

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