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I am placing an order for 3 articles at once. Kindly take a look at the three different sets of guidelines carefully. Please remember:

  • I will need all four articles in separate word files
  • Use copyright free images from, etc. in the article (along with the direct link to the image).
  • The content should be fresh and should be free of grammatical errors.

Article 1: What Causes Sudden Dark Circles Under Eyes?


1. The article should be around 800 words.
2. The article may not contain any grammatical, plagiarism and/or linguistic errors.
3. The article should have (Clear article structure) headings and one or more subheadings (For diff. recipes). Long paragraphs don’t read well, aim for clear subject header breaks within the article.
4. Content should be is unique, personal, or informational, Our goal is to write articles that are enjoyable to read.
5. Please add relevant images with the article.
6. Tone: Positive, inspiring and professional.
7. Use American English or British English only
8. Please Keep a conversational tone. Write in blog style, with short paragraphs. Don’t be boring. Push yourself to tell us something new.

Article 2: IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) and Intermittent Fasting


1. Article should minimum of 1000+ words.
2. Images used must be less than 1260px wide.
3. Images that are Creative Commons must include attribution.
4. As for tone etc – always like more of a personal approach – and of course, people resonate very well with stories too. (for some details about the audience, check out )
5. Some examples of guest posts that have appeared on the blog:
6. Article must be written in English.

Article 3: Looking For the Best Acne Herbal Remedies? Try These Tips & Watch Your Acne Disappear


1. An article should be of 1000 words.
2. If possible (not a requirement) have at least one unique picture/graphic – so no stock photos.
3. Not published elsewhere.
4. Posts must include sub-headers! Do not send one long term-paper looking submission!
5. Spelling and Grammar Checked Carefully.
6. If possible (not a requirement) have at least one unique picture/graphic – so no stock photos.

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