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Need Content Writers to write and revise articles for a Home improvement blog

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This project is to update a blog post that has been written by us and posted on our blog a couple of years ago. We need you to update and add to the theme and subject matter. The current post you will be updating is 835 words. The requirement is for you to increase the word count to a bare minimum of 2,000 words. We would prefer more. 

The list of theme words given are a good starting point for topic ideas to expand upon within the blog post.     1. Use the Main Focus Keyword Phrase in the Title, preferably at the beginning of the Title. 2. Create an engaging meta description of no more than 160 characters containing the Main Focus Keyword Phrase that will encourage people to click onto the blog post from Google. 3. Make sure the Main Focus Keyword Phrase is found within the first paragraph of the content, preferably the first sentence. 4. Word count must be 2,000+. 5. Make sure to include the Main Focus Keyword Phrase in at least one H2 or H3 subheading. 6. Make sure to incorporate all THEME WORDS at least once within the content. 7. Keep paragraphs short, no more than 5 lines per paragraph. 8. Make sure the content is grammatically correct. 9. Utilize an engaging, conversational tone throughout the content.  10.Please Highlight the theme words and Focus keyword. It is easier to locate them plus Highlighting helps us optimize for SEO on our end.    Most of these blog posts are written to support a specific product that we market. They should be Authoritative, educational, informative while still maintaining a personal & conversational tone. DO NOT write in a corporate or advertising agency tone & style. Use whatever information that can help to subtly steer readers toward our product. Do not mention major brand names, only our Champion brand. 

You will be paid on a per hour basis and an additional bonus above the 2,000 word requirement of $.50 per 100 words added onto your hourly rate