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Need Content Writers to write and modify Resume and cover letters and help apply for Job

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Brief: I am an experienced professional currently without a job for 1 year. I see many relevant postings on LinkedIn and am unable to apply on-time. 

I need some help in keeping up with new job postings and applications on a daily basis.

I have many Base resumes , that need to be modified to highlight the relevant skills for the job posting so I can bypass the ATS system and reach out to the hiring managers. This will help me secure interviews.

I will need someone to assist me in shortlisting the matching jobs and quickly turning around my resume with revisions to match my relevant skills on the shortlisted jobs.

We will only target a role and companies that my experience matches. This could mean 2-4  application a day.

This will be an ongoing project and would need 2-4 hours of your weekdays till I land a good role. 

 I need people who have experience in writing resumes and being creative with language and I am not interested in format or templates etc. Most of the resumes submitted with be in the plain text format (TXT File) or simple Docx  or PDF file - wont need anything fancy or shiny looking as these are fed into a system.

If you are able to devote 2-4 hours a day (EST Time zone as I am in New York) - Let me know and we can have a quick chat. 

I will need excellent English and Grammar as we wont have time to upskill you during the daily sessions. 

I will shadow you and help you for the first week or till you get comfortable with my profile and then you can apply on your own.