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Need Android & IOS Developers for A TIKTOK Like Video Streaming & Dubbing App

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Making Video

In the Making Video, a user can edit his videos by using Filter, Timing, Motion , Music, Movie Dialog, Animation.

By using filters user can make his face more beauty, good looking & also can the color of background..

Users can also edit video size.

Users can also set the motion of video like slow, fast, medium etc.

Users can add music which songs are treading & favourite.

Users can add dialogs which are trending.

Users can add Animation like sunglasses, hair, gif etc can aslo download new types of animation.

Video Effects: Galaxy glasses, emoji face, split screen, fairy eye, film photography.

Duet Video

Users can make duet videos by taking two videos in a single screen with adding Dialog, Music & effect. 

After making the duet video…they can able to publish those videos.

Live Streaming

In live streaming users can make video on Live with filter effects.

Users  get likes & comments on live video.

Chat Features

Users having the one to one chat features. They can  send a text message to their friends & followers.

Users can also send an Image & emoji to his friends.

Customer Type

There are two types customer 

                        i) Premium.

                        ii) Standard.

Premium  customers get more features like unique types of Movie Dialog, Music , Animation & Video filtering.Users also have less Advertisement.

Standard customers also get the same features but less than Premium features.


Users get the advertisement video of different products & apps.

In the app there is an advertisement banner where the user  taps on the banner it will go to the advertisement link.

Payment Gateway

In the payment section users can purchase the customer type using CC avenue, Paytm & different types of Payment method.

Users can also purchase referral  codes.

My Account

In my account, a user can edit his profile like pic, name etc.

In my account users can see his total fans, likes & following.

Users can see all upload videos.

Users can also see his most liked videos.

From account user can block his friend.

Users can see which type of customer.

Users can also see the expire date of subscription.

Privacy & Safety

In the video should not contain any types of copyrights issue.

Video should not hate any type communal harmony.

Video should not  spread any type of  fake news.

User doesn't follow privacy & safety rules then his/her account will be suspended or deactivated from admin.



  When users upload the video it goes to the admin part.

Admin can modify or rectify the video.

If there have any violation of content then admin have full authority to delete the video

If content is perfect then admin can publish the video

  Admin can add short video for ads.

Admin can give referral code to the particular user.

Admin have authority to extend the subscription date.

Admin send invoice after subscription purchased.

Admin have the authority to suspend or delete the user.