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Need an multi vendor E-Commerce Website in maento

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Website Core features

  1. B2C - Designer Marketplace
Freelancers can design their own products in the backend and show it on the Frontend to the customer. The marketplace is on a commission base.
  • Needed:
  • Automated commission payment
    • dynamic commission model, according to overall sales and products
  • Backend “decentralized” designer tool (designers can create their designs)
    • examples: inkze, Zakeke
  • Dashboard with product overview and sales
  • Upload of their own editable design files (files from Photoshop etc should be importable)
  • Designer related landing pages → each designer has also his own landing page to share on Social Media & co.
  • Marketing elements that they are forced to share 

  1. B2C - Own Marketplace/Shop
Our own products to sell to b2c end customers
  • Needed:
  • Frontend designer tool for b2c customer
  • Pre-defined designs with specific customizable fields (business cards etc.)

  1. B2B - Marketplace (other printers)
Marketplace to onboard other vendors/printers that have additional materials/products to offer.
  • Needed:
  • Same functionalities as b2c marketplace, incl. bulk discounts
  • offered products should be controlled by us first

  1. Individual company Landingpage / URL
Specific company pages where they can find only their company-related stationery and other products
  • Needed:
  • A decentralized user-management → company can create their own page and products
  • Creation of all designs on these pages can be offered as an additional service 

  1. Product packs/General features
Specific starter design packs for companies
  • e.g, Startup pack with an individualized design for all media (offline business card, letterhead/Social Media banners etc.)
  • bulk discounts 

  1. Omni-Channel → Offline/Online Synchronisation
Synchronization with the offline stores.
  1. Decentralized Department management (different offline branches)
  2. Online-order → Offline pickup. Offline return → online return etc.

Notes/General features:
  • FOR 1), 4): blank templates should be available that can be selected and designed in the backend and offer in the frontend to the customers/employees
  • Optional (future):
    • bidding system for b2c marketplace (similar Amazon “Sponsored”)
    • Offline order screens in stores (connected to the marketplace)
    • What are other technological opportunities?

Example websites/webflows
  • Dynamic personalization on category level
    • EXAMPLE: (Change of name/title on category level)
  • General look & Feel: 
    • / (less text)
  • Designer/3rd party printer Login & Customisation (Designer backend):
    • / /
  • Product customisation flow - end customer (stationary): 
    • /
  • Product customisation category overview (automated change of edited text for all business cards):