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Need an illustrator/cartoonist to create 22 basic cartoons for use in educational video.

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Please read instructions carefully before applying for this project.

I need a cartoonist/illustrator to make 22 pieces of basic 2D cartoons/illustrations, for the purpose of using them to make a kid's educational video.

~  All images needs to be in digital format.
~ They need to be simple and coherent.
~ They can either be in color or in b/w. 
~ Description of required cartoons will be provided, but no reference images will be given, to maintain a degree of originality.

Interested freelancers may apply. 

Instructions for applying:

~ Freelancers who wish to apply for this project will need to create a sample cartoon/illustration in Black and White with white background. 

The theme of the illustration is: "Mother giving bath to son" (try to portray the image in a negative sense, more details below**).

The piece has to be a simple, digital illustration. No caricature / anime will be considered. The purpose of the image is to be used as a transitional photograph in a children's educational video (aged 10-13 years).

Please note that no compensation for sample cartoon. The purpose of the submission is to evaluate your suitability for this project among other applicants.

~ Merely getting shortlisted doesn't guarantee selection for the project.

~ Send the sample by attaching it your first message. Priority will be be given to fresher artists before professionals,

Please note: Quality work will be preferred over lower bids. Successful, sincere and timely completion of current and future projects will be awarded retainer prospects.

** The sample image is to be used for a poem interpretation. To help you create the art, please consider this inference:
"Before giving a bath to others, you should consider learning to take a bath yourself. Before you judge others' sins, you must watch your own sins" 
The second image of this project would be a person taking bath himself/herself, but this one will have a positive connotation. Both the first and second images will be shown in the video to show a contrast and help children understand the inference better. You are required to only draw the first image.